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If People Were Honest in Their College Application Statement of Purpose…

Before starting with your statement of purpose application, check out the following facts and statistics that will help you learn about it. Also, find out why you should not lie when writing this important paper. Explore here how our professional writers will provide you with the best SoP writing services.
statement of purpose application

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College Application Statistics

  • Females have a percentage of 56% colleges enrollees
  • There are over 20.4 million students that are enrolled in college
  • During the latest application season, a typical school would only accept 65.5% of its applicants.
  • Back in 2001, colleges accepted 71% of its applicants
  • A teenager submitted seven and more college applications
  • Colleges spend $585 to recruit an applicant
  • Forty-eight percent of schools have a waiting list.
  • Seventy-three percent of colleges experienced an increase of college applicants from the previous years

If you ever plan to go to college, of course, you would need a statement of purpose application. It is not literally an application form but, it’s more of a letter statement about who you are, what is your career path, who influenced you, your interests and where do you plan to go. This is the only type of application where you can fully control.

But if you are having a hard time in writing your statement of purpose application like you can’t speak English, you can’t write or any other reason, just always remember that copying SoPs from other schools isn’t the right answer. A SoP is a goal statement and if you copy from others, isn’t that cheating from yourself? It is also essentially taking someone’s goal. Read a previous statement of purpose application and you can create great ideas from there.

writing professional statement of purpose application

Some More SoP Facts

  • You can absolutely use a self-praise
  • Words like “thing”, “nice”, “rather” are usually avoided
  • This is not like a college application essay
  • Active words are recommended
  • There is a research statement for every statement of purpose application
  • SoP facts include convincing the admissions committee
  • SoPs are more likely to match a school’s mission

Useful expressions like these can be used:

  • “to finish school, to graduate from university,”
  • “to attend lectures/seminars/laboratory practices “
  • “to attend advanced courses,”
  • “to gain thorough knowledge of mathematical modeling,  learn to handle modern equipment such as…, to gain valuable experience”

These are just a few of the SoP fun facts because there are tons of them. Learning more about this is fun let alone writing a legit statement of purpose application.

An answer to the question “What if I lie in my SoP?” You would definitely get caught when you lie in your SoP. People who read SoPs are professional and have lots of experiences, they can certainly see through lies.

Why We Can’t Lie in Our SoP?

  • It should be personal
  • It would just be an artificial image of yourself
  • It will be hard to keep up with the lie you made

List of consequences when you lie in your SoP or copy it

  • If you lie in your SoP, you will have a difficult time in interacting with your faculty
  • It may affect future opportunities
  • You are most likely to suffer behind the goal that is actually not for you
  • You may get in trouble someday

Observe here what guarantees our professional SoP writers will provide for you.

It’s okay to ask yourself “What if I lie in my SoP? It’s your statement about your goal, achievements and experiences so stick to what actually you have done. Honesty and integrity are much recommended. Also, it is not okay to copy your SoP because every story is unique; thus, you should share your very own story.

Are you searching for the best SoP writing services? Check us out for a statement of purpose application help.

writing winning application statement of purpose

5 Great Strategies to Write a Powerful Statement of Purpose

When you read sop facts, you get to read a lot of information along with the common mistakes that most applicants make when they write their statement of purpose. Here are some strategies to follow when writing your SoP:

  • Know the details of the program and school you are applying for. From the name of the document itself, basically what you need to do is to state your purpose. Why are you applying for the program and why did you choose the school?
  • Be sincere. Do not sugarcoat and do not lie. Many would ask, what if I lie in my SOP? Some schools can be really strict and they will really take the time to verify every info that you put in your application document. You wouldn’t want to take the chances.
  • Take the time to read samples. Knowing what to do including the structure and writing style can significantly help you in creating a good one.
  • Make sure that your sop is written in a formal but highly engaging and compelling way. This is very essential especially if you are applying in a very competitive program where there are many applicants. The people who will read and evaluate application documents will not take a long time to read your application.
  • If you feel like you cannot handle it on your own, then the best way is to seek for professional writers and editors who can help you.

Our Professional Writing Services

For years, we have been providing topnotch and reliable writing and editing services unlike no other. Students who are having a hard time or those who simply need extra help in their sop can depend on our professional expertise.

With our services, you get to have the following:

  • A professional team of experienced and dependable writers and editors
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