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Help with Statement of Graduate School

What Is a Statement of Purpose of Graduate School?

Most students consider statement of purpose for graduate school just like an ordinary self- essay and don’t exert efforts to make any impact. They do not realize that the admission committee of the University puts much weight on SoP for graduate school and their structure to see how serious graduates want to study at the university.

Prepare a Winning SoP for Graduate School

The statement of purpose should convince the selection committee that you have solid achievements behind you to guarantee success in your study. The good statement of purpose as composed of four parts: Part 1- Introduction that includes you; your interests and motivation. Part 2 – Summary of your undergraduate and previous graduate career that includes research papers, thesis projects, and relevant work experiences. Part 3 – Discussion of your important recent and current activities and Part 4 – An elaboration of your academic interests. Conclude your SoP positively and emphasize your excitement and readiness to face challenges ahead of you.

writing statement of purpose for graduate school

Avoid These Mistakes in Writing Your Graduate School SoP:

  • no preparation in writing SoP and worst of all under time constraints copying sample statement of purpose for graduate school from the internet;
  • starting with an anemic introduction and making weak conclusion;
  • using informal language and slangs; SoP is a serious document so it has no place for unprofessional and street language;
  • devoting many paragraphs in rationalizing and defending weak GPA or backlogs;
  • writing an episodic letter that exceeds the word limit;
  • including irrelevant information and details;
  • making the SoP excessively flashy like writing an advertisement;
  • expressing excessive flatteries and insincere compliments;
  • sounding dishonest;
  • failure to submit a SoP that is well -proofread and edited.

Once you are done with your graduate school SoP; have it tested by your friends, family members, or get an expert to edit it. Proofreading ensures that there are no misspelled words, punctuation errors, and improper grammar as a third person will always be able to spot errors better than you.
sample statement of purpose for graduate school

10 Tips, Strategies and Techniques in Writing Graduate School SoP

  • Be an attention-grabber: Let your personality shine through all thoughts expressed in your statement of purpose.
  • Share your experiences: To stand out, open up and share your life experiences and wisdom as student; state lessons learned and how you confront hurdles and triumph over obstacles.
  • Express your passion: Describe how much you are inspired by your chosen program and explain how the program will help you achieve your life’s goal.
  • Show rather than tell: Use sensory details that symbolize larger personal truths and describe objects, actions and feelings that give them life.
  • Demonstrating how much you have mastered the program: Present a research you made of related topic and discuss a particular theory or school of thought.
  • Follow the rules: Be sure your SoP follows the rules to the letter as evaluators are easily frustrated by an applicant that didn’t read or observe instructions.
  • Utilize feedbacks: It’s wise to request friends, colleagues and writing consultants to read, review your essay and give suggestions.
  • Meet the challenge: Let ideas come out and write about past achievements, failures you overcome, creative hobbies, volunteer work, and your pet peeves.
  • Give yourself the time to write: SoP that tells who you are takes time and preparation as ideas have to be developed, a first draft to create, undergo multiple revisions, much critiquing and various editing.
  • Utilize free resources: There are excellent writing resources which are open to students, faculty, and staff.

Writing a statement of purpose for graduate school is not easy as it involves lots of challenge and resolved that are not for those who want to take things easy. The road to good things, like fulfilling an ambition is not always smooth but the end is worth all the initiatives and sacrifices!

Our SoP for Graduate School Services

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sop for graduate school writing service

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Our services offer a lot of conveniences and eases to the clients. We don’t only deliver extraordinary quality content but there is a lot for you. Our team of dexterous and adept writers feel free to fix your statement of purpose medical draft several times. They would never say No whether you ask for one-time or many revisions. For example, you’ve assigned statement of purpose for graduate school to our writer. The very first thing h/she would do is to read and memorize the format of SoP properly. Then, h/she would read the tips for writing best SoPs.

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