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Help with Statement of Purpose for Internship

What Is a Statement of Purpose for Internship?

Admission to a reputable university requires you to exhibit adequate internship experience since internship plays a vital role in your career. For a university internship, a Statement of Purpose (SoP) for an internship must be prepared.

This document justifies that you are the right candidate for internship and helps follow your academic/career path. Start your SoP with an interesting brief paragraph of introduction so the admission committee will read the rest of your letter.

Always be creative so your document will be unique way and original unlike some stereotype letters copied from statement of purpose for internship sample from the internet. The more unique, the better chances of landing an internship.

professional statement of purpose for internship

Common Mistakes Committed in Writing SoP

  • Wrong reference of University: Since most students are applying for various Universities; addresses are interchanged so always double check before mailing your internship SoP.
  • Incorrect program reference: This mistake is common when the SoP mentions incorrect name of the program; therefore: double check all the information before submitting your SoP.
  • SoP plagiarism: Copying internship statement of purpose can hamper your chances of an admission to any university as copying is plagiarism.
  • Including incorrect info: Information provided by the applicants is easily verified as universities randomly cross check information from applicants. So students must always provide correct information.
  • SoP with grammatical errors: Universities hire people in the Admission Review Committee to find any grammatical error in the SoPs of applicants.
  • Comparing Universities in SoP: Your statement of purpose should only focus on why you intend to pursue your MS/PhD in a University and not to make comparison.
  • Not following SoP rules stated by University: Many students omit reading rules for writing SoP issued by the University so by neglecting these rules, their chances for Admission are at risk.
  • Long or short SoP: Your internship statement of purpose should not be too lengthy or too short; the ideal length of an SoP should be around 1 to 1 ½ page of your Word Document.
  • Failure to mention the courses they liked in the program: Many students create a general SoP and use it for all the universities failing to mention Program in a particular University.
  • No to ego-centric SoP: Students try to convey that they are responsible to any successful project; in your SoP include the ‘We’ instead of an ‘I’ Word. Show that you appreciate the efforts of other people is a good way to portray your image to the Admission Review Committee.

statement of purpose for internship sample

Do’s and Don’ts in Writing SoP


  • begin your internship SoP with an attention-grabbing feature that could be a joke, quote or question, engaging description or short story.
  • use concrete examples derived from your personal experience, supporting the story and distinguishing you from others.
  • explain yourself with great clarity and after creating a purpose, you explain your ideas.
  • conclude by referring back to the lead and restate your thesis.


  • include info that doesn’t support your thesis as any irrelevant information is a great minus.
  • write an your life’s story or personal itinerary, or your resume as this info are already in your CV.
  • impress your reader with your vocabulary but choose the simple and laconic narration style.
  • make things up as insignificant things as your school grades can be uncovered in case your application will be selected for consideration.

To conclude, the most important thing of your statement of purpose for internship preparation is focused on the positive side of your writing experience. Get your admission committee to see and feel what makes you tick and drives you for action, let them understand it’s your constant passion makes you a great asset as intern to the program.


The Statement of Purpose for Internship by Our Team

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Internship Statement of Purpose: Who Write SoPs in Our Team?

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internship statement of purpose writing help

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